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Your feet, knees, hips, and back will thank you!

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EnSole provides support when you need it. Your feet, knees, hips, and back will thank you!


What Our
Customers Think!

I have 2 pairs of Ensoles. One set I use in my athletic shoes and the other in my flat canvas or loafer-type shoes. I have extremely flat feet and pronate severely. I needed a foot insert that supported my heel and helped straighten out my pronation. These did the trick. I’ve used every orthotic (off the shelf to custom) known to man. These gave me just the right amount of support and comfort. I’ve seen people say they weren’t cushy enough, but that is not what these are for. Too cushy or plush, etc is not good for your feet. I’ll try to get photos posted of my feet with Ensoles in the shoes and without. You can see the pronation without and then how Ensoles corrects it. I would highly recommend, but like any insole you have to give it time for your feet to adjust.
– Kevin L.
I have tried all sorts of shoe inserts and foot orthotics. These are simply the best I’ve tried. I have several pairs and easily switch them from one pair to the next. They are comfortable and easily fit into my shoes. I read other reviews that said they were too stiff or not comfortable in their shoes, but I didn’t find that to be true. Maybe they didn’t remove the existing shoe insert which is recommended. These are more of an orthotic than a simple, flimsy shoe insert. Highly recommend them.
– Lukas G.
I have several pairs of sneakers that just go unused because they changed the way they made the insole and I gave up trying the inserts I had. I put these in and gave them a run, they work well and give a lot of support for my feet. I still prefer sneakers with the bubbles in the heels but this gave some of my oldies a second shot at getting back out there.
– David M
My daughter has struggled with flat feet her entire life. Now after using EnSoles in her shoes she is able to stand long periods of time, play outside without having to come in because her feet hurt, and she was able to make dinner with me and not complain once. I would generally get about ten complaints about the last one. I’m so glad we gave EnSoles a shot.
– Meg E
In the military, we marched around every day and I could feel the strain it was putting on my body. I put EnSole’s in my boots and it feels like they are making me walk properly and I can see my arch. I can especially feel the difference in my feet and in my knees.
– Alex M
I like them a lot more than the standard sole I had in my shoe. They provided much more support and make walking in my shoes feel more comfortable. I will definitely be continuing to wear them in all my shoes.
– Brandon W
The biggest benefit for me was the lack of pain in my feet and knees after wearing EnSoles. I’ve struggled with these pains for years and could feel relief after the first time wearing them around.
– Gabby H
I’ve been wearing them for a while now and I can say I definitely like them more than any of the Dr. Schools orthotics I’ve ever bought.
– James P

The EnSole


The EnSole orthotic incorporates the Anti-Valgus Heel Stabilizer or AVHS. This provides support from the bottom of the heel to the tip of the toe. This is a unique feature that is not present in other shoe inserts.