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Ensole inserts

Our Story

EnSole, with its AVHS technology is the creation of Dr. Michael E. Graham. Dr. Graham, a board-certified podiatric surgeon, knew he was going to be a foot surgeon since the age of 7. He was always curious about the most complicated mechanical structure of the body. He suffered from growing pains as a child and also the ill-effects from his misaligned feet. Throughout the years, he tried several different types of shoe inserts but nothing really seemed to make a difference, even very expensive custom-made orthotics.

Dr. Graham has been researching foot and ankle biomechanics for many years. He has published several scientific articles, authored chapters in textbooks, and even wrote a book “The Myth of Plantar Fasciitis.” He discovered a significant “missing-link” that gives EnSole a superior advantage to other “arch” supports.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Together all of these structures must work in harmony to support the weight of the body above with the ground surface below. Unfortunately, millions of us have a faulty foot structure that leads to misalignment. That means the bones, joints, and ligaments are in disharmony. Excessive joint motion and tissue strain will lead to tissue injury and pain. EnSole, with its AVHS technology, helps to ease and rebalance forces acting on the bottom of the foot.

Shoe companies pay 99% of their attention to the aesthetics of the shoe rather than the function.

The inside of the shoe where the bottom of your foot makes contact with the weight-bearing portion of your shoes is extremely important. The shoe itself can lead to faulty foot alignment and strain to your feet, knees, hips, and back.

This was the Moment EnSole was Conceptualized.

Dr. Graham had one of those “aha” moments when he discovered what all of the other foot orthotics were missing. Yes, this can be incorporated into those very expensive custom-made devices, but Dr. Graham wanted something off-the-shelf and ready to put in your shoe.


What Our
Customers Think!

My daughter has struggled with flat feet her entire life. Now after using EnSoles in her shoes she is able to stand long periods of time, play outside without having to come in because her feet hurt, and she was able to make dinner with me and not complain once. I would generally get about ten complaints about the last one. I’m so glad we gave EnSoles a shot.
– Meg E
In the military, we marched around every day and I could feel the strain it was putting on my body. I put EnSole’s in my boots and it feels like they are making me walk properly and I can see my arch. I can especially feel the difference in my feet and in my knees.
– Alex M
I like them a lot more than the standard sole I had in my shoe. They provided much more support and make walking in my shoes feel more comfortable. I will definitely be continuing to wear them in all my shoes.
– Brandon W
The biggest benefit for me was the lack of pain in my feet and knees after wearing EnSoles. I’ve struggled with these pains for years and could feel relief after the first time wearing them around.
– Gabby H
I’ve been wearing them for a while now and I can say I definitely like them more than any of the Dr. Schools orthotics I’ve ever bought.
– James P

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