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Ensole inserts


Why are EnSoles different than “other” shoe inserts/orthotics?

EnSoles utilize AVHS technology which provides support to your foot from the moment your heel contacts the ground until toe-off. This is extremely important because it is the beginning of the most destructive portion of the walking cycle. Other inserts don’t work to provide any support until it too late. AVHS combined with the support provided within the insert provides a greater amount of correction and support to your foot.

What is AVHS technology?

AVHS stands for Anti-Valgus Heel Stabilization. It is a patent-pending feature that is provides internal correction at the back of the shoe insert. It functions to provide support to the inner heel right at heel strike. This key feature provides support to the bottom of your foot from the instant your heel touches the ground.

What if my EnSoles are too big?

We highly recommend ordering a slightly larger size for your shoe. Remove the insert that from the shoe and trim the EnSole to the same size. This will provide the best fit for your shoe. Every shoe company has slightly different variation. Ideally, you should have a pair of EnSoles for every shoe you wear so you don’t have to keep moving them from one shoe to the other.

What if my EnSoles are too small?

It is possible that you can just insert the EnSole under the insert that originally came with the shoe. If you have trimmed too much off the top of the EnSole to match your shoe, then unfortunately you would need to buy another pair.

Can I keep the insert that comes with the shoe, or should it be permanently removed?

It really depends on the insert and how much support you need. First, you can try just wearing the shoe with the EnSole. If your feet feel great, then you don’t need both inserts. Or you can try putting the EnSole under the insert that comes with your shoe. Because most shoe inserts are so thin and flimsy it won’t make your shoes feet too tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes in your shoes. If you can, then remove the extra-insert or consider buying larger shoes.

Do I have to “break-in” the EnSoles.

EnSoles will be providing correction and support to your feet. Most individuals feel a sense of relief right aways, others will need to be patient while their feet get used to the additional support. No one should find this painful, unlike custom-orthotics can cause more pain than good. If for some reason you find some discomfort when you are wearing EnSoles, then gradually increase the time you wear them every day. There are no set rules for this, but we’d say wear them as long as you can and if you feel they are causing your feet to become sore remove them and try again the following day. Keep doing this until you can wear them all day long.

Do I need to buy new shoes when I get my EnSoles?

Potentially, it all depends on how old your shoes are. If you wear the same shoe on a regular basis, it will probably need to be replaced after 6 months or so. This is simply because most shoes wear out on the outer heel. Look at the back of the heel to see if they are worn out, its better to get a new pair. Wearing worn out shoes, is like driving your car with worn out or flat tires.

How long should my EnSoles last?

This really depends on a few different factors. It depends on the demands you place on your feet, if your have excessively sweaty feet, if you wear them every day. We encourage a new pair every 6 months. A way to make them last longer is to buy several pairs to have in each shoe and rotate shoes every day.

Is there a guarantee EnSoles will cure my foot pain?

There are very few guarantees in life. It is impossible to know the degree of benefit you will have from wearing EnSoles in your shoes. It depends on how many pain you have, how long you’ve had that pain, and how much damage there is to the structures within your feet. The only way to know if EnSoles will help is to give them a try.

Do I need a pair of EnSoles for each of my shoes?

Ideally, you have a pair of EnSoles for every pair of shoes you wear. This just makes it easier so that you don’t have to remember to switch them from shoe-to-shoe. It is better to not wear the same pair every day. Feet perspire during the day and that moisture will accumulate in the shoe. It will take more than overnight for that moisture to evaporate. Alternating shoes and EnSole every day will make both last longer. Your feet, shoes, EnSoles will thank you.

Another key factor is that you should trim the tip of the EnSole to perfectly fit that shoe. It is possible that there will be a variance from shoe to shoe. We want you to have the best experience. So having a perfectly trimmed EnSole for each shoe will be the best-case scenario.

What if I’m not satisfied with my EnSoles?

First, make sure you have followed our instructions to remove the insert in your shoe. Cut the EnSole to match the insert that was provided with your shoe. If your shoe is worn-out, buy new shoes. Make sure to follow the “break-in” suggestions. If after all of these remedies have been tried, we will stand by our 45-day money back guarantee (on-line orders only). If you purchased your EnSoles from a retailer, you would need to contact them directly.

Do you offer children’s sizes for EnSoles?

These are in development.

When can I expect my EnSoles to arrive?

Please allow 72 hours for your order to be processed.